Cremation Urns Engraving

Engraving on Cremation Urns

When shopping for cremation urns, you may ask yourself why some of the urns can be engrave and others cannot. Reasons for the inconsistency are that some materials cannot be engraved because it will damage the urn itself, or the decorative design on the urn. Another is, the shape of the urn may be one that will not fit into an engraving machine. Either it is too large or has significant curves that won’t allow the urn to be engraved in a straight line. If you choose an urn for ashes that can be engraved directly on the urn, then  you must choose what you want engraved that is withing the parameters of what will fit on the urn. The store will have instructions of how many letters and lines of engraving and font styles that are allowed.

There are several cremation urns that you may have personalized engraving etched onto the urn itself. IF the shape allows:


Most Metal

Cultured Marble

Some Natural Marble

Cremation Urns that can NEVER be engraved:

Cloisonne – Although they are metal urns, the cloisonne finish technique of enamel painting makes it impossible to engrave on.

Biodegradable- These cremation urns are typically made from clay, paper, fabric etc. therefore cannot be engraved,

Composite materials



Do not be discouraged you from purchasing an urn that you really like because it cannot be engraved directly onto the urn itself. There are 3 other options.

Engraving plates

Engraving Pendants

Engraving Easels

If you have an urn with a flat surface you can order an engraving plate. They are usually sold with a brass or silver tone finish. You may be slightly restricted in what you want to write based on the size of the plate itself. Usually you can order up to three lines of engraving which would be name, dates etc. They come with an adhesive backing that easily affixes directly to a flat surface of a cremation urn. Sometimes the urn will arrive with the plate already attached and sometimes you may have to attach it yourself.  Engraved easels, though not as popular can be found. They are usually made from wood and have a metal plate with engraving on it. The easel sits in front of the urn.

Urn Engraving pendants are literally pendants with a medallion on it that can be engraved and have usually a satin or chain allowing it to hang on the urn for ashes like a necklace.

The most popular words engraved on are names and dates, sometimes with a nickname alone or a verse or epitaph that reminds them of their loved one passed.

You may purchase engraving plates, plaques or pendants separately from most online merchants. General price ranges vary, they are usually from twenty dollars – seventy dollars.


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