How to Fill Cremation Jewelry


The jewelry should be opened by unscrewing or taking off the lift off the top, depending on how the jewelry is made. Occasionally the chamber is accessed through what is called the bail.

The bail is the top piece where the chain connects to the pendant or charm. If your locket for ashes has a screw top, open gently because the threads of the screw is delicate and could strip if handled roughly.

Filling The Ash Jewelry

Filling ash jewelry is typically done with the assistance of a very tiny funnel. Most cremation jewelry has a tiny paper or plastic funnel included. This is how you put the ashes or other mementos directly into the vessel. Remember, the jewelry holds a very tiny amount of ashes so be careful not to try to fill the funnel to high to avoid over spilling of the ashes. Using a toothpick to help the ashes funnel into the lockets for ashes is a good idea. It makes the process easier.

Sealing The Cremation Jewelry:

Sealing it with glue further protects the anything from coming out of the lockets for ashes and prevents any change of the stopper or closure screw from coming out. Another important reason to seal the cremation jewelry is to prevent moisture and water from seeping in. Sealing it will solve this problem. Still, you still should never wear cremation jewelry while showering or swimming. The adhesive is a deterrent but it doesn’t guarantee waterproofing the jewelry opening. In fact, frequent contact with water can cause the adhesive seal on the jewelry top or screw to come undone.

Place the glue on the threads of the cremation jewelry and not the screw or top. It is easier and much more neat this way than trying to handle that tiny screw with glue on it.

For cleaning and maintaining your ash jewelry, you must see the manufacturer’s recommendations. Each cremation jewelry piece’s care will depend on the material it is made from.

It is very simple to place ashes into the cremation jewelry, but it is possible you could have difficulty seeing clearly the very tiny parts of the jewelry; the opening for the ashes, the screw and the funnel. If you wear reading glasses, wearing them for this procedure is most strongly recommended.

Although lockets for ashes can easily be filled by you and the instructions below will take you through it step by step you may be uncomfortable doing it yourself. If this is the case, you can go to a funeral home and they will do it for you.


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