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We appreciate you taking your time to view our brass cremation urns collection. Our selection of brass cremation urns is very popular because they are both cost effective and beautiful. You may also see metal urns on our Metal Urns for Ashes pages.

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Brass Urns for Ashes

 Brass cremation urns used to be made solely in the simple vase shape in the gold brass color. They are lovely and we still carry that style but now there is so much more. There are traditional brass urns with little adornment, painted brass urns in all the colors and designs you can imagine and hand etched brass urns. We chose to carry a brass cremation urns line that made from the highest quality hand etched, hand painted hand and machine processed solid brass. Most have a tightly fitting screw top that will tighten securely and make the process of placing the ashes in the urn simple.

Brass cremation urns are durable and will stand the test of time. They can be displayed in a place of honor in your home and because they can be tightly sealed they can be placed in mausoleum crypts, cremation benches or can be buried in the ground in a special place or family plot.

Many of the designs in our brass cremation urns line come in both adult and keepsake sizes. A few of the models also come in a small or child size urn with the same design that holds anywhere from thirty to fifty cubic inches of ashes.

Lovely brass urns collection.


Brass Cremation Urns