Burial Urns

Our burial urns collection is dedicated to urns intended for burial by land or sea.

It is important to know ahead of time when choosing a burial urn where it is going to stay. If it is going into a mausoleum then you may need to check with the cemetery for their requirements. If you are planning to bury the urn on your own property or in nature, your choices can be much more broad. If you are burying at sea, then you should choose burial urns that break down quickly as not to effect the aquatic ecosystem. These materials would be mostly paper and clay.

The majority of burial urns are made from marble cultured marble stone,  paper, clay and poly resin composite materials. You can of course use any material such as wood, glass, ceramic etc. Most people do not choose poly resin plastic materials if they want to keep the burial Eco-friendly and green.

The most popular is made from cultured marble. Cultured marble is actually stronger than all natural marble. This makes it more weather resistant and perfect for outdoors. Another great benefit of cultured marble burial urns is that they can be made in any color. whether you prefer solid colors or multi-color with marble like striations in them to make them look more like solid marble. There is definitely something for everyone. Engraving can be done on all cultured marble burial urns.

If you haven’t already purchased an urn with the intent for burying, you will receive a temporary urn that will hold the ashes until you make your decision when the ashes can be transferred into the burial urn.

Reasons to purchase a Burial Urn from Lovelight Urns:

  • Our large selection:
  • Many colors
  • Many styles
  • Many materials
  • High Quality

We listed the four main types:

  1. Biodegradable Burial Urns – These are urns that are made to break down in nature. Whether it be in the ocean or in the earth. They are made from materials such as paper maché, gelatin, clay, cardboard, rock salt or cornstarch. If the urn’s purpose is for burial at sea, the urns usually break down anywhere from fifteen minutes to one or two hours. Earth burials are anywhere from a week to several months.
  2. Marble and Stone Burial Urns – Burying marble and stone urns will not breakdown. Since they are made from natural stone materials, they will stand the test of time. Our collection is made up of natural marble, cultured marble and other solid natural stones. They are sturdy, attractive and economic. There is no need for an cremation urn vault when a marble or stone urn is used.
  3. Wood Burial Urns will eventually break down, but will stay in tact for a very long time.
  4. Urn Vaults –  Are receptacles that hold cremation urns. They are usually made from a polymer that will last virtually forever. You would place the burial urn of your choice inside the burial urn vault, you can even place personal mementos if there is room. Choosing an urn vault would allow you to choose any urn you want regardless of shape, size or capacity to be buried and have it encapsulated and protected.

If you are interested in keeping your loved one’s urn and ashes in tact, we suggest choosing a burial urn made from cultured marble urn or an urn vault so you can safely place the urn where they will not be disturbed by the elements.

Cremation Urns for Burial

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