Cremation Urns Engraving

Engraving on Cremation Urns

There are several cremation urns that you may have personalized engraving etched onto the urn itself.

Some materials that are compatible with engraving directly onto the urn are: Wood, Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Bronze Copper, some Simulated Material, Some “cultured” Marble- which is marble dust combined with resin.

Cremation Urns that can NEVER be engraved:

Cloisonne – Although they are metal urns, the cloisonne finish technique of enamel painting makes it impossible to engrave on.

Biodegradable- These cremation urns are typically made from clay, paper, fabric etc. therefore cannot be engraved,

Cremation Urns made from composite material are composed of resin and plastic type materials which when engraved can damage the face of the urn.

Ceramic and glass cremation urns will both chip and crack the cremation urn.

We receive very valid questions such as: Why do I see that some of the urns with the materials mentioned below do not offer engraving? One reason may be that urn has curves that won’t allow the engraving machine to perform the task. Another may be if the urn has any 3D elements and not enough of a flat surface to allow for the engraving.

If you really would like personalization for the urn you purchase but it is not possible because of the material or the shape and design of the urn, you are still in luck. You may purchase engraving plates, plaques or pendants.  engraved plate

Engraving plates come with an adhesive on the back that affixes directly to a flat surface of a cremation urn. Engraved easels are   engraved urn pendant   typically a wood easel that has a metal plate with engraving on it. The easel typically will sit in front of the urn as does any art object.

Urn Engraving pendants. Urn engraving pendants; which are just as they sound. They are pendants with an engravable medallion that are placed around the necks of the cremation urns. They are usually offered in a silvertone, goldtone or black.

The most popular words engraved on engraving plates are names and dates, although we do get a lot of requests of just a nickname alone or a verse or epitaph that reminds them of their loved one passed.

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