Cremation Jewelry for Men

A recent search of the most popular jewelry for men yielded some surprising and interesting trends. Items ranged from classic watches, rings, and cuff links to one-of-a-kind works of art and pendant urns. According to Jacob B. Morris, in an article written for, 32 companies are at the top of the men’s jewelry and accessory trending list, while others not latex are up and coming.  The types of items offered in today’s market are as varied as the cost, whether they provide a function, make a statement, or provide comfort.  This article is a short review of what men have available, from functional classics to the completely unique.
It’s no surprise that men can still purchase classic watches, rings, and cuff links, especially if they want to wear them in professional settings, or for their functionality. However, today’s modern man has much more at his disposal, with jewelry and accessories that have a theme related to his interests, to reflect something about his personality or individuality, or even to make a statement. There is an intriguing exponential interest in unique pieces created by artisans in the United States, as well as abroad. Men can find items related to almost any interest, inspired by rock and roll, nautical themes, things found in nature, or reflective of mythology, and mysticism, among others. Mens Jewelry items now range from the classical pieces already mentioned, to bracelets, pendants, and rings. Many of these are made using natural materials or precious metals and stones, with something out there for any taste.

The cost of these items seems to vary as much as the items themselves, but even a man with a very limited budget can find quite a number of items at the ready.  Women no longer have to struggle so much to find a gift for a man of any age, with the boundless choices available in today’s market.  Men can find unique items as low as $10, up to pieces costing well over $1,000, depending on the company, the popularity of the artisan, or the materials used. An even newer trend not included in Morris’ article is men’s cremation jewelry. According to the owners of, they have seen an increase in men, inquiring about or purchasing mens cremation jewelry than in previous years. Due to this influx, they are continually adding more items, such as urn pendants for men to their current inventory in order to accommodate this new interest.

Regardless of whether men are purchasing jewelry for themselves, or if people are searching for unique gifts, men’s jewelry is more diverse than ever before. Long gone, are the days when men had limited choices, or items such as watches and cuff links that were used as much for their functionality as their style. Today, men can wear pieces hat are reflective of their interests, aspects of their personality, pieces that have themes, or to keep a part of heir loved ones close.
From the class is to the obscure, finding something interesting, intriguing, or that makes a statement is easier than ever. There are thousands of companies devoted to providing quality men’s jewelry sold in the United States, as well as abroad. Let your personality shine, keep a small part of your loved ones close to your heart, and be bold! Your choices are endless!

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Gold vs. Gold Vermeil Jewelry

sunflower cremation jewelryFor many people, the difference between gold jewelry and gold substitutes makes life extremely challenging for them when picking up various pieces of jewelry.

Many people will rather go for 10, 14, 18 or even 24kt solid gold. However, the price of gold is very high these days, so If you don’t want to or cannot afford the real karat gold, then you should consider either vermeil or gold filled options instead. They are beautiful and give you the option not to have to purchase silver.

Any jewelry can be made from gold, gold vermeil or gold filled. Rings, bracelets, pendants and even memorial cremation necklaces.

You will want to make sure you are educated about the differences between the different gold jewelry on the market.when making a purchase. whether to buy Gold Filled or Gold Vermeil; both options out there are nice.

Gold Vermeil
Gold Vermeil is a gold-plated form of silver which is typically anything from 97-100% silver. Typically, the gold used here tends to be 18k-24k so you can know what you are dealing with. It typically has more gold on it than many gold “plated” pieces so they can be a great choice for those who want something with plenty of gold on there.
Typically, a Vermeil design will be regulated to ensure it has a minimum of 2.5 microns of vermeil layering on the jewellery. Typically, this can last for up to 40 years and keep that shine and style to it without going to over the top,. However, it can score with relative ease – even though it can be cleaned just as easily – and this keeps it looking smart and attractive for as long as it can.
The best thing about using Vermeil is that it tends to keep that class and quality about it in the years to come, making it a perfectly passable product to hand down to your loved ones as a gift.

Gold Filled
Filling is quite different to your normal form of Vermeil as described above, even if there is no actual gold filling. This is actually a tiny layer of gold which is then bonded to a metal of some form – brass most commonly – to add that layer to it. Typically, it’s known as “rolled” gold. This thin layer of gold is added on with high heat and pressure to ensure that they fuse together. Depending on the karat of the gold, the weighting of the gold will have to change – for anything over 12k, for example, the gold has to be less than 1/20 of the weight of the item.

This means that roughly the product is just 5% gold, meaning that it has far less “value” than the Vermeil editions above. They also have a very strong lifespan, though, and can typically last for several decades before they run out of quality and start to show through.
Whatever your choice is, though, you will now know that gold filled, gold vermeil and true full on karat gold all have similar properties in terms of how long they will last etc.
So, what will you go with?

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Hearts, The Symbol Of Love

heartsFor as long as just about anyone can remember, the heart has long been seen as the sign of true love and friendship – whether it’s going back to things like Valentine’s Day or going beyond that, you’ll find that men and women from across the world will celebrate their love for things with the love heart symbol. Even today when you look around, people express their love with gifts of heart jewelry, heart shaped chocolates on Valentines day, heart urns are popular as a way of commemorating those who have passed on that we had a deep and lasting love for. Even heart shaped emojis are used to let someone know you love them.

But what does this all mean? Why is the heart the shape of our affections and love for other people?

The history behind this goes beyond most generations, so far back indeed that nobody can tell you a specific starting date. What is known is that the main theories put it at some point in the 7th century, BC. The came from the fact that a state-city known as Cyrene was using a heart-shaped plant known as the silphium plant as a form of birth control.

Eventually, this became such an important part of the local community that small coins were made to commemorate this fact – they took on the shape of a heart, just like the plant.

However, this is not the only contending theory as to why things like heart shapes and heart urns exist today.
A wide range of objects on this planet take on the shape of a heart, including many theories that put the creation of these heart symbols to do with the shape of certain leaves. Leaves have always been used in painting and in art across the Middle Ages until today, and this has illustrated an incredible, romantic love between both man and woman – the leaf has always had a strong spiritual context as much as anything else.

Other civilizations that were prominent in shaping the world of their time, such as Ancient Egypt, held a strong reverence for the heart shape and believed that the heart was the epitome of morality. The Greeks believed that it stood for thoughts and emotions. The range of ideas and theories as to why this occurred is a long and complex process, and tends to be something that most people do not understand – it’s believed that the heart and its connection with love comes from the fact that our heart will skip a beat, or start racing, depending on how we feel about our emotions.

Our love for others is one of the strongest emotional drivers that we have, so it makes perfect sense that this continues to change and to fit with the way that most of us look at what the hart achieves. Whilst we may never know its true origins, it’s safe to say that the heart will always retain this incredible importance within symbols and society.

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Memorializing Your Baby

Lovely Ways to Memorialize Your Baby

baby booties  When the passing of a young baby occurs, the sheer depth and pain of the tragedy can be almost impossible to manage at times. What you have gone through is a deeply traumatizing and hurtful experience, and it’s important that you can find a way to move on in time.
A failure to do so really can leave you feeling unable to cope with life, and with no real path to follow. To avoid this kind of dark path, you should always consider the importance of properly memorializing your baby with baby urns and other similar products.

Having a memento for their life can be a source of strength and inspiration for you later on down the line when you have got back on your feet. Being able to be reminded of their life rather than their passing can be something that keeps you going, rather than something that holds you back. Learning about memorializing your baby, though, is a deeply challenging task especially if the event only recently occurred. However, we recommend trying any of the following;

    • Use decorations and precious mementos to give their grave some extra meaning, and so that you can always know that you have left a fitting gift to their life
    • A special piece of jewelry with the birthstone of the child can be a great way to memorize them and to always have something nearby that you can keep close to you
    • Don’t ever feel that you should never use the name of the child – if you had agreed upon a name, never be afraid to use it
      Submit a little poem about the loss that you have suffered to a pregnancy loss newsletter – it can be a good way to relieve some of that pain and hurt, and share your strength with others who may need it
    • A little piece of artwork, a photograph or décor can be a great way to make your baby urns look more personal. If you don’t like thinking of it as a passing then use a more comforting looking urn to help you stay strong in those tough moments, using the baby urn to celebrate their life rather than mourn the passing
    • Never be afraid to submit a story online about what you have been through – sharing that with others can be an incredible source of strength and help to keep you going in even the toughest of times
  •  Purchase a special candle that fits with the name of the baby, and light that every year on their birthday as a little memento.

Memorializing the ones that we love and what they have been through is especially challenging, but if you are willing to put in the time and the effort to try and see the more positive side of the fact they even lived at all then this can be a brilliant way to keep your memory and your spirit at peace.

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How Much Does A Pet Cremation Cost

 The Cost of Pet Cremation

pet cremation costWhen it comes to the passing of a beloved animal, it can be hard to deal with the consequences and the challenges that this brings. Instead of letting it get you down and leave you feeling horrible, though, it’s better to look forward and to make sure that your pet can receive a fitting send-off.
As hard as it may be to deal with and to put together, the pet cremation service is an important one for saying goodbye. It means that the animal can have a fair passing and this will let you relax and feel a little easier with regards to moving on.

However, the cost of pet cremation is something that you need to consider as there are various charges and costs that come up – not least pet urns. You will need something to store the ashes in so you need to think about getting a quality, fitting piece of equipment to put the ashes in so that your beloved pet can get the rest that it needs.

When looking at the various charges involved in pet cremation, you should try and consider all of the following as potential charges that may come up;

  • You’ll find that the cost of the actual service can be anything from $55-100 for smaller animals. Larger animals like a dog or a cat can be $100-$150 and pet cremation for larger dogs of 50-120+ pounds being anything from $150-$150
  • However, the service should include a service that will be on-call and working to your needs and whims. They should be able to pick up the pet and take it to the cremation facility. Then, the pet will be specifically tagged and placed in a special kind of furnace.
  • You might also find, though, that the cost of pet cremation can include a charge of $45 when picking up the ashes. Also, you can usually pay an additional fee on top to get a chance to view the process take place if you would feel comfortable doing so.
  • An engraved name plate for your pet urns that you decide to get can cost you anything from $10-$25 depending on where you go.

Add all of this together, and you can find that the cost of pet cremation, pet urns and the services involved with holding a service – if you so choose – can be something to think about. However, if you ask around you enough and you work with a cremation service that is communal and the ashes are scattered on the site along with other animals, you can find that there is a change to get discounts of as much as 50%.
Look around and make your decision, as the costs can be quite challenging to work with if you do not expect to be paying much – the cost of pet cremation, however, is very fair and can be an excellent way to send your pet off.

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The History of Urns for Ashes

The History of Using Urns for Ashes


For as long as most of us have been alive, urns for ashes have been something we are are familiar with, even if not commonplace in the U.S. until recently – it almost feels as if it’s been going on so long that it’s always been around. However, there was a time when cremations and ash urns were not around. Although there is no definitive answer as to when urns for ashes started being used, it can usually be attributed back to some time in the early Stone Ages. Most estimate that urns for ashes started to become a thing around 3000 B.C. and the vast majority of clues point to it coming from Europe, or maybe even the Near East.

It quickly started to spread from its heritage across North Europe, though, and within a short period of time there was a significant amount of pottery urns made with simple decoration. In Russian and Slavic ruins and old locations, many urns  from generations long past have been found – whilst the decorations started out rather basic due to a lack of any good tools to work with at the time, this soon changed.

By the time that the Bronze Age came around, cremation was now a big part of many parts of Europe such as the British Isles and many parts of the Iberian Peninsula. The growing use of cremation meant that more detailed and more varied urns started to appear, as urns for ashes quickly started to become a thing.

The Grecians were one of the first groups to use it as a custom, though, and it became a very dominant part of their existence – and end – in the Mycenaean Age. The country was involved n serious battles, and it was believed that cremating bodies instead of letting them build up and rot would cause a better long-term level of living for residents. Given the prominence of plague and the like during these eras, it’s very easy to see why cremation started to become more popular.

urn for ashes

The Romans, though, made a massive impact on cremation as they widely used it and made it a significant part of their culture for burial. However, it was widely disliked by early Christians who deemed to it to be Pagan in origin and the Jewish also disliked the style as they preferred the more traditional sepulcher burials instead.

By 400 AD, though, the Christianization of the Roman Empire by Constantine made sure that earth burial became a far more prominent part of the process. It also started to replace urns for ashes and they fell out of common fashion for some time. It was not until the last century or so that cremation started to return, as the likes of Prof. Brunetti from Italy started to create a far bigger noise about the benefits of cremation.

This, in turn, restored urns for ashes to the spotlight. By the late 1800s, it was now restored to the British Isles under Queen Victoria and it started to grow in propensity across Europe. Fast forward to today, and cremation and urns for ashes are beginning to become far more popular again by virtue of their unique design style, creating a whole new range of urns as well as seeing crematoriums open up en masse across the globe.

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The History of Mourning Jewelry

A Victorian Tradition Still Popular Today

mourning jewelry

For many people, the passing of a loved one or close friend can be something they would rather avoid talking about or looking at; however, in eras gone by – especially in places like New England – there was a far more open look at death. In fact, mourning jewelry was something that many people would wear as a symbol of the passing of someone that they loved dearly. To have a constant memorial to their loved ones was something that, during the 18th-19th centuries when death was extremely common due to sickness and an environment which was challenging to live in, gave them a glimmer of hope in living with what they had lost.

Rings were without a doubt the most common of the original mourning jewelry that would have been worn, and were paid for using the returns that came back from the individual who had passed on. Created from a simplistic gold band to resplendent designs complete with jewels and stunning diamonds, these rings could vary in style quite dramatically. They were all usually inscribed with the name of the person who had passed on, as well as their age when they died. However, sometimes more writing was etched in there with morbid phrases to remind the wearer that not only have they lost someone, but one day they will be lost too.

Although a rather grim and tragic item on its own, the sentiment behind a mourning jewelry set is something to be appreciated. At their most prominent time and height, they were based around the Rococo aesthetic and were typically made using enameled bands. However, as the 18th century drew to a close and started to see a shift in American beliefs of Republicanism, they moved towards a new style; following a more Neoclassical form of design.
As the 19th century started to head towards the end of its 20th year, there started to be a growing amount o f new jewelry styles apart from rings appearing as favored mourning jewelry. Things like miniatures, pendants, and brooches started to become equally popular in the style and format of the overall era. The brooches in particular are very interesting, and have woven plaits and cut curls or even feathers from the hair of the person who has passed on to make an even more indelible mark on the mourning jewelry itself.

Mourning dress was even affected by this change – for the first year of the death, only black wool was allowed to be worn and eventually small pieces of jewelry would be added as the years passed. Eventually colors started to become more prominent as time passed with tortoiseshell, onyx and various jet and gold pieces of jewelry became popular choices.

Mourning jewelry, however, took a severe hit as fashion started to move away from the morbid style that has followed in the past and went towards something a bit more positive in style – this meant that as the twentieth century came around, many people had long since stopped following the tradition and instead concentrated on other jewelry styles. memorial jewelry

Now we have memorial jewelry and lockets for ashes.Though used for the same purposes, they have are modern look and many times have inspirational messages and or designs that look like any other jewelry. In fact what is very popular today in a modern mourning jewelry are lockets for ashes and other jewelry such as cremation rings and bracelets which allow you to place a tiny portion of ashes in the jewelry. 

Memorial Jewelry

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History of Burial Urns

The History of Burying Cremation Urns


burial urn     Although many people might expect that burial urns have been used for a lot longer than they have, the actual ritual and mentality behind these kinds of urns is very much different to what you may have expected in the first place. Having looked into this considerably over the years, we understand the importance of knowing the culture and style behind the products we sell – and this includes the history of burial urns.

Burial urns have a long and proud history, and have been used in various forms of civilization over the years, ranging back as far as 7000BC. These have been found in some of the earliest Jiahu sites that are located in China, as well as places like Shaanxi and Yangshao – of which some of the urns come from the years 5000-3000BC. These various forms of urn make sure that we know just how long these have been used for.

To begin with, burial urns were used for children rather than adults although this changed and adapted depending on the grouping that you are involved with. For example, the old Kings of Bavaria used to keep their hearts in an urn after they died. In terms of the typical cremation urns, though, these were used by the Chinese civilizations noted above as well as a whole host of different Pre-Columbian cultures that have spanned the length of time.

Romans, for example, used to place the urns in large tombs that acted as a place for many souls to rest instead of just individual placing throughout time and history. This makes a massive difference in terms of the way that the burial urns come together, and ensures that large resting places became a common thing. The history of burial urns has changed quite a lot as new discoveries are made; however, as it was found that during the Bronze Age in England the urns were hidden carefully and expertly, as was detailed in Sir Thomas Browne’s compendium – Hydriotaphia or Urn Burial.
In the modern world, the change and growth in the burial urn culture has been quite remarkable. Cremation urns tend to be made in various styles and formats now whereas it was very common to have a template style to pick from back in the day.  burial urns

These unique urns tend to be made from eco-friendly urns, too, making sure that they are going to be suitable for everyone to use for funerals and without leaving any kind of effect on the planet. In fact, some burial urns are now planted with a seed inside to help foster the growth of a tree over time – this helps to symbolize the rebirth of a fallen loved one.

The burial urn, though, has become far more popular than it was at the start of its tenure as a “thing to do”. Now, it simply stands as one of the most effective ways of people looking after the remains of a loved one who has passed on.

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Cremation Jewelry Seattle

cremation jewelry


    A popular trend today is to get a portion of the cremated remains placed in token jewelry. More popular cremation jewelry in Seattle is necklaces, rings and bracelets. Cremation jewelry can become of special significance for family and friends, since each person gets to keep a tiny portion of their loved one’s ashes, housed in meaningful jewelry. It gives them the comfort that no matter where they are, their loved one can continually be with them.
Cremation jewelry is a particular type of memorial jewelry which includes a tiny bit of the cremated ashes in the deceased. The term cremation jewelry describes any jewelry that either is constructed out of the ashes, or acts as the holder to contain a tiny bit of the cremated remains of sometimes a human or pet. The jewelry can be quite discreet and resembles usual jewelry, thus concealing the belief that the jewelry actually includes ashes.
The styles and also designs of cremation jewelry include, but are not tied to, hearts, cylinders, religious designs, and works of skill. Materials used to help make memorial and cremation jewelry include gold, sterling sterling silver, copper, brass, stainless aluminum, glass, wood, crystal, pewter, titanium, porcelain, and also ceramic.

cremation jewelry seattle


Cremation urn jewelry describes a tiny hollow charter boat or decorative container that holds a little bit of the ashes and can be worn like regular jewelry. Most jewelry will come to your home equipped with a small funnel to fill the small opening of the jewelry with the ashes that can then sealed permanently.

Cremation jewelry is unique. It connects a beautiful pendant, bracelet, ring, or heart jewelry to some memory, a place on time, and thus becomes a small personal area of the special one who has died. Cremation jewelry lets you keep your memory a solution or share it together with everyone. It is your own choice.
Our loved ones tend to be unique and special and a one-of-a-kind experience in our lives.  Cremation urn diamond jewelry, such as our heart cremation jewelry or maybe a unique urn necklace can protect and keep those memories with a very personal level. They help you remember words and experiences, convey your deepest emotions, and keep holding the love this is very close.
Whether one that is gone is a member of your family, a pal, or even a special pet who is no longer with anyone, our heart cremation diamond jewelry and our urn necklace pendants help you choose the absolutely correct tribute and keep it in the area. This tribute can be a few strands of head of hair, a pinch of cremated remains, or even a little bit of soil from the burial site. You can tuck the particular tribute away safely inside your cremation charm. Sharing what your treasure holds with others is solely your choice. The design of this phenomenal urn jewelry is beautiful and gives nothing away about its purpose or personal significance.

You can choose a few strands of head of hair, dried and crushed flowers from the favorite arrangement, or even some ashes from the favorite photo to enclose as part of your funeral jewelry. Sacred ground through the site of the burial is another wonderful option and allows those who did not have their loved one cremated an alternative for remembering their loved one. There is no correct or wrong choice for you to use to insert in your own cremation pendant or locket. What’s important is which the tribute you choose has special meaning in your case.

Options are important after you choose cremation urn memorial jewelry. Whether you wish a necklace, ring, bracelet or some other design, such as a cardiovascular cremation locket, the choices are endless. Designs include things like both round styles and cylinders. Even pet-related keepsakes are offered. We will help you fine-tune the effect, so you will possess the most personal expression of one’s devotion to that individual who is no longer along.


Seattle Cremation Jewelry

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Cremation Urns Minneapolis

       cremation urns minneapolis

Death of the close family member or possibly a loving friend is a really difficult situation to manage. Most times people looking for cremation urns in Minneapolis have no idea to react or handle the situation. This is not easy and simple of tasks, especially when you’re grieving the loss of the person. There are so many things to attend to in a very short period of time; choosing a funeral home or cremation crematory, deciding between a funeral service, memorial service or something simpler, choosing a cremation urn and what to do with the ashes. Well, most of the things can be looked after by the funeral home selected by you. Also there are many things you could ask some of your good friends or relatives to address. But when it pertains to selecting a cremation urn, people have their own preferences. This is because, within a cremation urn the ashes with the deceased are stored that serves as being a beautiful and personalized symbol representing the life and legacy of those. People also buy the cremation urn to store the remains for the temporary period so that the ashes can be scattered for a later period.

Different types of cremation urns are: Burial Urns –  Biodegradable UrnsKeepsake Urns Cremation Boxes Urns for Two People

Some examples of Themed Urns are:  Motorcycle Urns –  Lighthouse Urns – Sports  Urns – Military Urns – Angel Urns – Religious Urns –  Fishing Urns  – Photo Urns

cremation urns Minneapolis

When it comes to choosing cremation urns, people are unsure which to buy.  To help you out below are a few useful and valuable components:

  •  Determine the objective of the Urn
    Areas to consider:
    If you wish to store or scatter the ashes and maintain urn for display or maybe as a keepsake you may then want an attractive nevertheless durable urn. In this sort of cases, it is usually suggested to settle on a wooden, stone, ceramic, wine glass or metal urn. The choice of material will also count on the placement of the particular urn, that is, whether it’ll be placed outdoors or inside.
    At times, family members plan to divide the ashes among themselves rather than keeping them in 1 place. In such conditions, you can opt for a few beautiful keepsake urns.
    If your wish is to inter the urn in a columbarium or mausoleum then you will have guidelines you must adhere to. It is very important that you contact the Cemetery for details like the size of the urn and what material it should be made from.
    If you prefer a more eco-friendly option you may then consider land or water burial in a very biodegradable urn. These urns are used to eventually disintegrate or break down after being buried inside ground or floated inside water.
    In case you are interested in scattering the ashes you’ll be able to choose a scattering urn or tube that will add dignity and comfort to the process when you cast the ashes on the floor or in the air flow.
  • Choose your Range of prices
    Do some preliminary exploration and decide the amount that you are willing to pay for that urn. It will save you a lot of time and energy.
    The price of urns does vary depend on the sort of urn you buy. We advise that you set your budget beforehand, whether you wish to spend reasonably or lavishly. You will find varied price ranges for urns created from all materials- ex. wood, brass, bronze, ceramic… and so forth.
  • Select an Appropriate Cremation Urn Size
    When purchasing any cremation urn, you should consider its size and how much ashes it is used to store. The general guideline is that each pound of body mass is reduced to about one cubic inch involving ashes after cremation. Example: 180 pounds could well be approximately 180 cubic inches. You may also take the measurements from the temporary urn in which the funeral home or crematorium returns the ashes in.
    When interested in keeping a small portion of the ashes and/or dividing the ashes one of many family members, you can choose to buy a keepsake urn. Most keepsake urns have a very capacity from 1 to 20 cubic inches.
  • Cremation Urn Theme
    Deciding upon theme to commemorate the life of the loved one you have lost can help you memorialize that person in a personal way. Think about your loved one’s personality, their loves, hobbies and other preferences that will help you make the right decision.
    For example, for an individual who was passionate about music could be memorialized with a music themed urn featuring a musical instrument or simply just musical notes.
    Similarly, you will discover urns based on different themes for instance sports, religious or perhaps a favorite color.
    If you are thinking about engraved plaques or alternative methods to personalize the urn then ensure that you check the scope for personalization inside urn you choose.
  • Choosing a Resting Place
    An essential factor in picking a cremation urn is determining the place that the urn will be kept following your funeral or memorial services. Choosing a memorial urn which will be displayed in your home serves a really different function than one which will be buried. If the urn is going to be displayed in an indoor environment, most styles are appropriate. If the intent is to bury the urn or maybe display it somewhere outdoors you will need to get something more durable for example a marble, metal, stone or a polymer product. If you are utilizing a cremation urn vault, you can of course choose any cremation urn. It is important however, that the urn fits inside the vault. If you are planning to scatter ashes or have a water burial, choose a biodegradable urn that are created specifically for these purposes.
  • Style & Customization of the Cremation Urn
    Traditional cremation urns can be made of materials for instance metal, wood, stone, wine glass or ceramic. But, you do not have to stay within bounds of tradition if you believe that your loved you should be better memorialized with a unique or customized cremation urn. Many choices are available to commemorate your loved one’s style and style. You might want to choose a patriotic urn to honor a veteran through the armed services, a sports urn to cover tribute to an enthusiastic golf or football enthusiast or an urn designed to be a motorcycle or car for a transportation enthusiast. If you would like something unique, but still an even more traditional urn, consider adding a photograph of the deceased or engraving a special poem into the urn.


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