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Glass Urns – Stained Glass Urns – Crystal Urns

Our collection of glass cremation urns are finely hand crafted fusion colored glass with lead-free solder. We also have hand cut 24% leaded crystal urns that are lovely and very popular.

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The art of glass blowing goes back thousands of years. Hand blown glass urns attain their shape by the artisans actually blowing into long pipes that have molten glass at the other end. As the colored or clear glass expands and an air bubble is created, the artisan must simultaneously spin and shape the molten glass using an an anvil and other tools so it may take shape. The future of glass cremation urns continues to be molded and manipulated until it has been completed. Then, before the glass cools, the bottom of the urn is cut with scissors from the end of the pipe.

As you can imagine, all of this hand artistry makes for unique, one of a kind pieces. The creation of glass cremation urns is truly an art form. You can be sure that your beautiful glass cremation urn is one of a kind. Each urn in some way reflects the special personal touch of the artist who created the glass cremation urn; just as you wish to honor the uniqueness of the special loved one you are choosing it for.

The three main categories for glass cremation urns are:

  • Hand Blown Glass Urns
  • Stained Glass Urns
  • Lead Crystal Urns

Our glass cremation urns collection has both traditional shaped cremation urns and more contemporary styles. Glass cremation urns are beautiful and take their place in your home as an admired piece of art that honors your loved one.

Glass Urns for Ashes