Patriot Urn

Posted by on May 5, 2014

Patriot Cremation Urn



This Stainless Steel Patriot Urn features a hand painted eagle and flag urn on a white background.

Your loved one was a true patriot who was proud to call the Land of the Free his or her home. With the Patriot Urn, you can symbolize his or her patriotism and give that special someone a final resting place of which they would be proud. Made out of high quality Stainless Steel, this cremation urn has an all-white base and has been hand painted with an image of the Stars and Stripes on a gold flagpole and a proud bald eagle with its wings unfurled. This stunning urn is a very popular choice for active duty soldiers, veterans, law enforcement officers and public servants.

11" high x 5" diameter

Capacity: 210 cubic inches

Top opening with airtight screw on lid.

Price: $159.00

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