How Bronze Cremation Urns Are Made

Bronze Cremation Urns

Bronze cremation urns are designed to last for generations to come. They are beautiful enough to adorn any room indoors, but are durable enough to stay outdoors if you so desire. Bronze urns can stay outdoors permanently, but may change color or get a “patina” greenish look in time.

Diverse and beautiful, bronze urns are created using several different techniques to create whatever feeling the artisan intends for that particular style of cremation urn.

There are 3 basic types of bronze cremation urns in our collection.
Sheet Bronze, Cast Bronze, Lost Wax Sculptures.

Lost Wax Bronze is a labor intensive and beautiful form of bronze art. A mold of the cremation urn is made.

Molten wax is then poured into the mold. This will make an exact duplicate of the mold. When finished, the wax is pulled from the mold and any finish work is done by an artisan.

The wax model has rods and vents pre-inserted to allow the passage of molten bronze into the mold. The wax model is then coated with a liquid ceramic. The entire piece is placed in an autoclave. The wax melts away (Lost Wax). The rods are cut off, the piece is sandblasted and then polished. Color Chemicals are added if the bronze cremation urns calls for it.

This is a very detailed cremation urn,no different than famous bronze sculptures and therefore the most expensive of the cremation urns we carry. They are indeed works of art and every urn will come out with slight variations.

Cast Bronze technique- is created when molten bronze is poured into forms and then removed when cooled. It is similar to lost wax, but the mold is not handmade from clay or wax is typically simpler in design and is less expensive.

Sheet Bronze- is the least expensive bronze cremation urns you can purchase. They are sheets of bronze cut to size and welded together. They are simple in style, but can be engraved and have appliqu├ęs attached.

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