Why Choose A Burial Urn for Ashes

biodegradable burial urn

Updated: August 1, 2019

There are so many options for cremation ashes these days. You may display them in a prominent place in your home, you may scatter ashes at a favorite place, urns may be placed in a cremation mausoleum niche or they may be buried; either in the earth or a sea burial.

But the question is, Why choose a burial urn for ashes?

Burying the ashes of  loved one with someone who is not cremated is the number one reason people choose earth burial for urns. It  combines tradition of a conventional burial with a plot and headstone and the ceremony that goes with it, with the choice of being cremated and cremation burial. It gives family a sense of comfort to be able to know their loved ones are interred together. Also, it may be the wishes of the person who will be cremated. In these cases burial urns that are specifically made for burial are used. Sometimes the Cemetery will have specifications for what type of burial urn is needed and what material it should be made from.

Why get cremated and use a burial urn for ashes if you want to be interred anyway?
Being cremated is a personal decision and in some cases a decision based on religious beliefs.  As of 2019 data, over 50% of Americans are choosing cremation for their funeral choices. Burying ashes is just one way to have the final resting place chosen.

They are cremation urns that are made to be buried. When choosing a burial urns for ashes, you may want to choose one that is impervious to the elements, for example one made of a marble/resin mix.

Choosing burial urns

There are several materials that burial urns are made from. What will also be resistant to breaking down would be something made of composite or natural materials such as stone or marble.

Most common materials that burial urns are made from are:

  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Cultured Marble
  • Urns made From Biodegradable Materials
  • Urn vaults – that an urn is placed into

water burial urn

If you prefer a burial urn for ashes that are green and will break down with the environment. These are called Eco- Friendly Urns or biodegradable urns. They are usually made of a paper or cardboard material and have a break down time frame of anywhere from a few days to a few months. They can used for either earth burial or water burial. Earth biodegradable burial urns are typically made to break down within a few months or so, whereas water biodegradable urns are made to break down almost immediately, anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

This is pointing out the obvious but marble and stone urns make great cremation burial urns if you want something that will last the test of time. They will never break down with the weather and can be engraved and personalized for memorium. They can only be used for earth burial as anything but biodegradable products are allowed for water burials.

If you are placing an urn in a cemetery, it may be required that you use an urn vault. These are containers that hold cremation urns for burial. They are usually made from hard plastic, though some are still made of steel. If you have a traditional cremation urn and have decided to bury it, perhaps even add some personal items to the container, then an urn vault is the best choice.

Where to place your loved ones ashes can be a difficult decision. It is suggested that you take your time, perhaps talk it over with other loved ones and share  your feelings about it. They may have some good input about cremation burial.  If you have been given instructions from your loved one before they pass, then your decision is made for you and you can then research what type of cremation vessel is most fitting.


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How Bronze Cremation Urns Are Made

Bronze Cremation Urns

Bronze cremation urns are designed to last for generations to come. They are beautiful enough to adorn any room indoors, but are durable enough to stay outdoors if you so desire. Bronze urns can stay outdoors permanently, but may change color or get a “patina” greenish look in time.

Diverse and beautiful, bronze urns are created using several different techniques to create whatever feeling the artisan intends for that particular style of cremation urn.

There are 3 basic types of bronze cremation urns in our collection.
Sheet Bronze, Cast Bronze, Lost Wax Sculptures.

Lost Wax Bronze is a labor intensive and beautiful form of bronze art. A mold of the cremation urn is made.

Molten wax is then poured into the mold. This will make an exact duplicate of the mold. When finished, the wax is pulled from the mold and any finish work is done by an artisan.

The wax model has rods and vents pre-inserted to allow the passage of molten bronze into the mold. The wax model is then coated with a liquid ceramic. The entire piece is placed in an autoclave. The wax melts away (Lost Wax). The rods are cut off, the piece is sandblasted and then polished. Color Chemicals are added if the bronze cremation urns calls for it.

This is a very detailed cremation urn,no different than famous bronze sculptures and therefore the most expensive of the cremation urns we carry. They are indeed works of art and every urn will come out with slight variations.

Cast Bronze technique- is created when molten bronze is poured into forms and then removed when cooled. It is similar to lost wax, but the mold is not handmade from clay or wax is typically simpler in design and is less expensive.

Sheet Bronze- is the least expensive bronze cremation urns you can purchase. They are sheets of bronze cut to size and welded together. They are simple in style, but can be engraved and have appliqués attached.

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