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A popular trend today is to get a portion of the cremated remains placed in token jewelry. More popular cremation jewelry in Seattle is necklaces, rings and bracelets. Cremation jewelry can become of special significance for family and friends, since each person gets to keep a tiny portion of their loved one’s ashes, housed in meaningful jewelry. It gives them the comfort that no matter where they are, their loved one can continually be with them.
Cremation jewelry is a particular type of memorial jewelry which includes a tiny bit of the cremated ashes in the deceased. The term cremation jewelry describes any jewelry that either is constructed out of the ashes, or acts as the holder to contain a tiny bit of the cremated remains of sometimes a human or pet. The jewelry can be quite discreet and resembles usual jewelry, thus concealing the belief that the jewelry actually includes ashes.
The styles and also designs of cremation jewelry include, but are not tied to, hearts, cylinders, religious designs, and works of skill. Materials used to help make memorial and cremation jewelry include gold, sterling sterling silver, copper, brass, stainless aluminum, glass, wood, crystal, pewter, titanium, porcelain, and also ceramic.

cremation jewelry seattle

Cremation urn jewelry describes a tiny hollow charter boat or decorative container that holds a little bit of the ashes and can be worn like regular jewelry. Most jewelry will come to your home equipped with a small funnel to fill the small opening of the jewelry with the ashes that can then sealed permanently.

cremation jewelry seattle


Cremation jewelry is unique. It connects a beautiful pendant, bracelet, ring, or heart jewelry to some memory, a place on time, and thus becomes a small personal area of the special one who has died. Cremation jewelry lets you keep your memory a solution or share it together with everyone. It is your own choice.
Our loved ones tend to be unique and special and a one-of-a-kind experience in our lives.  Cremation urn diamond jewelry, such as our heart cremation jewelry or maybe a unique urn necklace can protect and keep those memories with a very personal level. They help you remember words and experiences, convey your deepest emotions, and keep holding the love this is very close.
Whether one that is gone is a member of your family, a pal, or even a special pet who is no longer with anyone, our heart cremation diamond jewelry and our urn necklace pendants help you choose the absolutely correct tribute and keep it in the area. This tribute can be a few strands of head of hair, a pinch of cremated remains, or even a little bit of soil from the burial site. You can tuck the particular tribute away safely inside your cremation charm. Sharing what your treasure holds with others is solely your choice. The design of this phenomenal urn jewelry is beautiful and gives nothing away about its purpose or personal significance.

You can choose a few strands of head of hair, dried and crushed flowers from the favorite arrangement, or even some ashes from the favorite photo to enclose as part of your funeral jewelry. Sacred ground through the site of the burial is another wonderful option and allows those who did not have their loved one cremated an alternative for remembering their loved one. There is no correct or wrong choice for you to use to insert in your own cremation pendant or locket. What’s important is which the tribute you choose has special meaning in your case.

Options are important after you choose cremation urn memorial jewelry. Whether you wish a necklace, ring, bracelet or some other design, such as a cardiovascular cremation locket, the choices are endless. Designs include things like both round styles and cylinders. Even pet-related keepsakes are offered. We will help you fine-tune the effect, so you will possess the most personal expression of one’s devotion to that individual who is no longer along.


Seattle Cremation Jewelry

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