What Is A Keepsake Urn?

what are keepsake urnsUpdated on August 2, 2019

If you are asking what are Keepsake urns then you have seen this phrase over and over again on websites that sell cremation urns. Different types of keepsake urns will be discussed to explain what is available and why you may want one for someone’s ashes, but a brief explanation is that keepsake urns are tiny urns that hold a very tiny amount of ashes of your loved one.

It is not necessary to have a keepsake portion of ashes for you loved one. Some people keep to traditional thinking that ashes stay together either in one urn or scattered, buried or kept in a mausoleum niche. That it fine, but if you decide you want a small remembrance portion then keepsake urns were invented for you.

Some resemble full size urns in every way, they just have the capacity to hold fewer ashes. Keepsake urns are made from practically every type of material. Some examples are wood, metal, marble, teddy bears, glass and more. Most keepsake urns have small chambers, usually holding 1 to 20 cubic inches. Capacity for urns are measured as such: 1 cubic inch of ashes = 1 pound of the person’s weight they urn is for, so you can see they hold a very tiny portion of ashes for an adult.

They may also be in the form of jewelry, tiny boxes, heart shapes and many others. You may choose keepsakes that match full size urns that the majority of the cremains will be in. Or, you may want the cremation keepsake to be displayed in your home in which case you would keepsake urnschoose one that fits in with the style and color scheme of the way you decorated your home.

Reasons why keepsake urns are a good options for many:

  • The main urn is in a home other than yours and you wish to have a keepsake for yourself in your home.
  • The main urn is buried or ashes have been scattered and family members wish to keep a small portion to be displayed in their home.
  • You may wish to scatter or bury portions of ashes in different places and a keepsake urn is the perfect receptacle to hold them in.
  • Some entire families would like to share in holding close some ashes keepsake urns are the perfect way to affordably allow all to have a small remembrance.

When several family members are involved in keeping a small portion of the ashes, keepsakes are a nice way to express you personal sentiments because you may choose an individual keepsake that is very different from the rest, that means something to you and you, yourself find pleasing.

There are as many keepsake urn designs available than large, full size urns. If you add cremation ashes jewelry to the list and cremation keepsake figurines/statues type keepsakes to what is available for you to choose from in today’s market, then there are far more cremation keepsake products available.Keepsake urns can vary greatly in price anywhere from approximately twenty dollars up to seven hundred dollars.


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