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Who doesn’t love discounts? In fact, many of our customers enter our website because they see the word discount in the description. When we hear or read the word discount, two phrases come to mine. The first is: discount …. good. The second is. I hope this store’s idea of discount isn’t cheaper quality.
Discounts are good. We should buy discounted items wherever and whenever we can. The answer to the second part is… absolutely not. We sell only top quality crafted urns for cremation… just at discounted prices.
The quality of our discount cremation urns is the same as any retail store or funeral home. We sell some of the same models that the funeral home sells, but of course we have a larger selection than a funeral home has and our prices are better.
What kind of savings are we talking about? The money you save purchasing here vs. a funeral home can be up to sixty to seventy percent. That’s a lot of money especially if you are on a budget for these expenses.
We do not sell returns, or damaged urns. All of our urns are brand new firsts direct from the artist, manufacturer or distributor.
Discounted cremation urns should be no different than any other urn you may purchase. If you find that there are certain qualifiers to receiving a discount such as it was a returned item or damaged or discolored in some way, you will want a return guarantee for purchasing a damaged item. Since you cannot see the urn in person you have to go by a photo and take the online store’s word for its condition. Therefore you should make sure that you also can return the item if you don’t like it or it is more damaged that it appeared in the photo.
Lovelight Urns does not sell damaged or returned items so that there is never a concern for our customers.
We have all price ranges for cremation urns in all categories. Our product line consists of discount high end hand crafted bronze urns as well as inexpensive polystyrene urns and everything in between. The discount is based on the original price of the item, regardless of the material. Lovelight Urns wants people to receive discounts regardless of what their budget is or taste in cremation urns.
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