The History of Mourning Jewelry

A Victorian Tradition Still Popular Today

mourning jewelry

For many people, the passing of a loved one or close friend can be something they would rather avoid talking about or looking at; however, in eras gone by – especially in places like New England – there was a far more open look at death. In fact, mourning jewelry was something that many people would wear as a symbol of the passing of someone that they loved dearly. To have a constant memorial to their loved ones was something that, during the 18th-19th centuries when death was extremely common due to sickness and an environment which was challenging to live in, gave them a glimmer of hope in living with what they had lost.

Rings were without a doubt the most common of the original mourning jewelry that would have been worn, and were paid for using the returns that came back from the individual who had passed on. Created from a simplistic gold band to resplendent designs complete with jewels and stunning diamonds, these rings could vary in style quite dramatically. They were all usually inscribed with the name of the person who had passed on, as well as their age when they died. However, sometimes more writing was etched in there with morbid phrases to remind the wearer that not only have they lost someone, but one day they will be lost too.

Although a rather grim and tragic item on its own, the sentiment behind a mourning jewelry set is something to be appreciated. At their most prominent time and height, they were based around the Rococo aesthetic and were typically made using enameled bands. However, as the 18th century drew to a close and started to see a shift in American beliefs of Republicanism, they moved towards a new style; following a more Neoclassical form of design.
As the 19th century started to head towards the end of its 20th year, there started to be a growing amount o f new jewelry styles apart from rings appearing as favored mourning jewelry. Things like miniatures, pendants, and brooches started to become equally popular in the style and format of the overall era. The brooches in particular are very interesting, and have woven plaits and cut curls or even feathers from the hair of the person who has passed on to make an even more indelible mark on the mourning jewelry itself.

Mourning dress was even affected by this change – for the first year of the death, only black wool was allowed to be worn and eventually small pieces of jewelry would be added as the years passed. Eventually colors started to become more prominent as time passed with tortoiseshell, onyx and various jet and gold pieces of jewelry became popular choices.

Mourning jewelry, however, took a severe hit as fashion started to move away from the morbid style that has followed in the past and went towards something a bit more positive in style – this meant that as the twentieth century came around, many people had long since stopped following the tradition and instead concentrated on other jewelry styles. memorial jewelry

Now we have memorial jewelry and lockets for ashes.Though used for the same purposes, they have are modern look and many times have inspirational messages and or designs that look like any other jewelry. In fact what is very popular today in a modern mourning jewelry are lockets for ashes and other jewelry such as cremation rings and bracelets which allow you to place a tiny portion of ashes in the jewelry. 

Memorial Jewelry

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Cremation Jewelry

Cremation Jewelry Urns

Losing a family member, spouse or life partner will certainly will take us on a very emotional journey. We always want to find a way to keep their memory around us. This is why we have cremation urns that we keep on a mantle or bury at a grave site that you can visit. Cremation jewelry is a great way of keeping your beloved with you. It may enhance your memories of happy day to day life with them. You can look down at the jewelry you chose to represent them and think kindly of them and know they are with you in some way.

There are very unique options for keeping ashes with you such as conserving them in diamond jewelry, home decor urns as well as holiday keepsakes. Carrying a souvenir reminds you of your loved one at all times. It is preferable to save cremation jewelry instead of glass or fragile cremation items. There will be less chances of losing them and you won’t break  by accident if dropped or pulled.

There are a variety of cremation jewelry items already in the marketplace and in all price ranges. These items may be exchanged or may be given to members of the family or close friends as a shared and long lasting memento. Pendants are a sensible way to save the ashes connected with previous generations. Another unique and lovely option is to have the ashes made into an actual diamond or other gem. This combines permanence, beauty and timelessness to their ashes. The concept of having ashes made into diamond has become a very special way to wear cremation jewelry.

The actual trend of placing ashes into jewelry has prevailed in recent times. Although, traditionally ashes were kept in an urn in the home or buried in a family plot, it is now being said that healing can be accomplished in many, many ways such as having a cremation jewelry keepsake to wear throughout our lives. cremation jewelry does not have to only save ashes; you can save a lock of hair, sand from a beach you went to, a memento from the memorial service or anything else that has special meaning to you.

The thought that you need to spend a lot of money for cremation memorials should not be an issue. The price of cremation jewelry or any other cremation memorial does not prove how much love you have for someone. Cremation jewelry is sentimental in nature and made for memorialization. Cremation jewelry can be passed on from generation to generation so your memories of your loved ones can be passed on even after you have gone and that is priceless.

Lovelight Urns Cremation Jewelry

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