Where to Buy An Urn

where to buy an urn

Updated August 13, 2019

Where Can I Buy An Urn?

It can be overwhelming to figure out where to buy an urn. This is a sad and stressful time in your life and now you must shop for something you have little or no experience in buying. Not only is it difficult to decide what type you would like to buy, scattering, burial decorative, bronze, marble etc, it can be very difficult to find just the right urn that represents your beloved while making sure you are getting a good value for this important purchase.

Now that the obvious has been stated, you would still like to know where can I buy an urn?”  Crematories, Funeral Homes, Cemeteries or Online at ecommerce stores.

Up until the last several years, you could only purchase a cremation urn at a funeral home, crematory or cemetery. Although it is similar to having the convenience of one stop shopping. You may not want to have the added step of shopping for an urn and prefer to go with what the funeral home has. The down side is, they are limited to what they carry or the supplier they use has available. Of course the other issue is they are undoubtedly more expensive and you pay a higher price.

Funeral homes on an average have approximately 12 urns ashes on display for you to choose from. They tend to be very simple, traditional and without much difference between them other than metal or wood. The NFDA  (National Funeral Directors Association) in 2018 noted that the average costs of an urn for ashes at a funeral home is $325.

buy butterfly urnsPurchasing online may be the best option for choosing an urn. You can take your time at home to make the decision.You get written descriptions of the item with dimensions and ashes capacity. Most importantly, you get a huge, practically endless selection to choose from. Cremation urns today are made in all shapes and designs. They can be strictly decorative, or exhibit interests or hobbies. Anything you can purchase at a funeral home and much more can be found online. E-commerce cremation stores also offer answers to questions you may have without having to go to the funeral director or cemetery and ask.

Price wise, shopping online for cremation urns will save you money. Sometimes as much as 50-70% over funeral homes and cemeteries. What’s more, you can price shop right from your chair to compare prices from online store to online store. Just type in the name of the urn listed or a good description and several websites are bound to pop up.

In addition to being able to purchase your loved one’s urn online, you can see where to buy an urn, cremation jewelry, memorial photos, keepsakes that in some cases match the full size urn you are looking for.

Now that you have a better idea of where to buy an urn, no matter what type of urn you are looking for, you should check out online stores first so you know you have looked at every option for quality, price and the right urn match for your loved one.

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Air Travel and Cremation Urns

traveling with urns

Updated on August 2, 2019

Traveling with a Cremation Urn

It is difficult enough these days to travel with the necessary added security to ensure our safety. We are not always clear on the rules. When you need to transport a loved ones ashes it can be difficult as best.

The information below has been taken from the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.

The airlines understand that there is additional stress when traveling with cremation remains. TSA officers are trained to treat all travelers’ belongings with care and respect and will not open containers with cremated remains, even if the passenger requests this be done. If the X-ray operator cannot approve the remains filled urn for ashes for clearance thought the machine the officer may apply other, non-intrusive ways of resolving the situation. If the officer still can’t determine if the urn will pass inspection to allow the item on board, the urn will not be permitted.

It is very important to follow these steps to assist making your travel plans go more smoothly.

You may carry cremation containers with you on airline flights if you follow these two rules:

  • Carry-on: You may bring aboard a cremation container only as as part of you carry on bag, The cremation container will pass through the x-ray machine as will anything you bring on the plane. The container must be made of a material that the x-ray machine can capture an image through. No metal, stone or hardwood containers are allowed. If the container does not allow security to see through the urn, then it will be rejected and not allowed on the plane.
  • Baggage you check: you may transport the cremation container or urn for ashes as part of your checked baggage as long as it too has be x-rayed and passes the security check. It is necessary for all of our safety that security be able to screen and recognize all items boarding the plane either as carry on or checked baggage. You must check with the airline first because the airlines reserve the right not to check cremation ashes as baggage if they choose. cremation urns

Cremation Container Materials:

TSA cannot state for certain whether your particular container will pass through an x-ray machine. If you haven’t purchased one yet, the TSA suggests that you purchase a temporary or permanent cremation container made of a lighter weight material that can be can be successfully x-rayed.

Security and or screening agents will never open an urn or ashes container, even if it is refused and you request they look to confirm they are indeed ashes. This is out of respect for you and your deceased loved one.

Even if you produce the required documents according to the airlines rules that does no guarantee that the urn will be allowed to board with you. The urn must absolutely be able to pass proper x-ray screening.

Most airlines do not allow cremation ashes to be checked in baggage.

These airlines accept cremation ashes as carry-on ONLY:

  • American Airlines: No special documentation is needed if you’re traveling domestically, but please contact your local consulate if you’re traveling internationally to get the regulations that apply for each country.
  • Southwest: No special documentation is needed for Domestic U.S. OR international flight.
  • United: Requires documentation such as a death certificate or document from funeral home or crematorium.

Delta allows checked baggage, shipped as cargo and carry on. However a death certificate and cremation certificated is necessary.

Check with your air carrier regarding other rules and restrictions that may apply.

Published by the TSA – Transportation Security Administration – www.tsa.gov – 866-289-9673

The above cremation urn air travel material has excerpts from the TSA Security Administration website.

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How Do I know What Size Urn To Choose

cremation urns

Updated on August 2, 2019

What size urn do I need to buy?

The cremation urn industry has many of urn types and sizes can that are designed to fit within a range for that urn’s purposes. Adult, infant and child, urns for two, keepsakes etc.

What you need to know about the size of the Cremation Urn is the urn’s capacity which is measured in cubic inches and the actual outside dimensions. Calculating the cubic inches needed is a simple rule of thumb to follow. For every pound the person or pet weighs, 1 cubic inch of cremation urn space is needed. 1 pound = 1 cubic inch.

These numbers are guidelines and a rule of thumb. They are never guaranteed. If you are at all concerned about if the urn is large enough, then it is suggested that you choose an urn that lists a cubic inches / weight amount that is slightly larger or comfortably within that size range of what your requirements are. You may have to choose another design, because not all urns are made in multiple sizes. If you need an extra large urn, you can shop in that category or look at companion urns. Many of them are single chamber that can be used for both purposes. Remember, you can always go a little to big if you like the urn, but too small will not work.

  • urns for ashes

Different final resting places make a need for different types of unique cremation urns. If your loved one is interred in a column barium or niche, there will be definite size maximums for height, length and depth. Be sure to check with the Cemetery to find out what size you need. They may also want you to have a cremation vault, which is a container that the cremation urns sit in.

There are basically 5 size categories for Cremation Urns. We have listed them below:

  • Adult or Individual Cremation Urns – These are what most people purchase. They have an approximate capacity of 180 – 300 cubic inches or so.
  • Small or infant urns will generally hold from 10 cubic inches up to 100 cubic inches with the same cubic inch to pound calculation applied
  • Keepsake Cremation Urns are usually within a range of 1-30 cubic inches which ranges from tiny to small amounts of ashes. These types of urns were created to hold a percentage of ashes, divided usually among family member so they may all have remains of their loved ones with them, or to keep a small amount when the ashes are to be scattered or buried.
  • Companion Urns or Extra Large Urns – If you need an urn for two or a large capacity urn for one person, they are specifically designed to hold the remains of up to two adult individuals. These urns are approx 350 – 500 cubic inches, or two people with a combined weight of 350 – 500 pounds.
  • Cremation Jewelry are usually average out to hold about 1-2 cubic inches of ashes. This is an extremely small amount or a “token amount” as they are usually describes on the product descriptions on cremation urn websites..

When you are shopping for urns, there are so many lovely ones to choose from, check the cubic inches parameters for each design first before going any further so you know it fits every criteria needed.

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How Bronze Cremation Urns Are Made

Bronze Cremation Urns

Bronze cremation urns are designed to last for generations to come. They are beautiful enough to adorn any room indoors, but are durable enough to stay outdoors if you so desire. Bronze urns can stay outdoors permanently, but may change color or get a “patina” greenish look in time.

Diverse and beautiful, bronze urns are created using several different techniques to create whatever feeling the artisan intends for that particular style of cremation urn.

There are 3 basic types of bronze cremation urns in our collection.
Sheet Bronze, Cast Bronze, Lost Wax Sculptures.

Lost Wax Bronze is a labor intensive and beautiful form of bronze art. A mold of the cremation urn is made.

Molten wax is then poured into the mold. This will make an exact duplicate of the mold. When finished, the wax is pulled from the mold and any finish work is done by an artisan.

The wax model has rods and vents pre-inserted to allow the passage of molten bronze into the mold. The wax model is then coated with a liquid ceramic. The entire piece is placed in an autoclave. The wax melts away (Lost Wax). The rods are cut off, the piece is sandblasted and then polished. Color Chemicals are added if the bronze cremation urns calls for it.

This is a very detailed cremation urn,no different than famous bronze sculptures and therefore the most expensive of the cremation urns we carry. They are indeed works of art and every urn will come out with slight variations.

Cast Bronze technique- is created when molten bronze is poured into forms and then removed when cooled. It is similar to lost wax, but the mold is not handmade from clay or wax is typically simpler in design and is less expensive.

Sheet Bronze- is the least expensive bronze cremation urns you can purchase. They are sheets of bronze cut to size and welded together. They are simple in style, but can be engraved and have appliqués attached.

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