Where to Buy An Urn

where to buy an urn

Updated August 13, 2019

Where Can I Buy An Urn?

It can be overwhelming to figure out where to buy an urn. This is a sad and stressful time in your life and now you must shop for something you have little or no experience in buying. Not only is it difficult to decide what type you would like to buy, scattering, burial decorative, bronze, marble etc, it can be very difficult to find just the right urn that represents your beloved while making sure you are getting a good value for this important purchase.

Now that the obvious has been stated, you would still like to know where can I buy an urn?”  Crematories, Funeral Homes, Cemeteries or Online at ecommerce stores.

Up until the last several years, you could only purchase a cremation urn at a funeral home, crematory or cemetery. Although it is similar to having the convenience of one stop shopping. You may not want to have the added step of shopping for an urn and prefer to go with what the funeral home has. The down side is, they are limited to what they carry or the supplier they use has available. Of course the other issue is they are undoubtedly more expensive and you pay a higher price.

Funeral homes on an average have approximately 12 urns ashes on display for you to choose from. They tend to be very simple, traditional and without much difference between them other than metal or wood. The NFDA  (National Funeral Directors Association) in 2018 noted that the average costs of an urn for ashes at a funeral home is $325.

buy butterfly urnsPurchasing online may be the best option for choosing an urn. You can take your time at home to make the decision.You get written descriptions of the item with dimensions and ashes capacity. Most importantly, you get a huge, practically endless selection to choose from. Cremation urns today are made in all shapes and designs. They can be strictly decorative, or exhibit interests or hobbies. Anything you can purchase at a funeral home and much more can be found online. E-commerce cremation stores also offer answers to questions you may have without having to go to the funeral director or cemetery and ask.

Price wise, shopping online for cremation urns will save you money. Sometimes as much as 50-70% over funeral homes and cemeteries. What’s more, you can price shop right from your chair to compare prices from online store to online store. Just type in the name of the urn listed or a good description and several websites are bound to pop up.

In addition to being able to purchase your loved one’s urn online, you can see where to buy an urn, cremation jewelry, memorial photos, keepsakes that in some cases match the full size urn you are looking for.

Now that you have a better idea of where to buy an urn, no matter what type of urn you are looking for, you should check out online stores first so you know you have looked at every option for quality, price and the right urn match for your loved one.

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