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Welcome to Lovelight Urns

   Urns for Ashes

People choose Lovelight Urns for Ashes and Cremation Memorial Products because we sell quality products at great prices.

Cremation has recently become a part of American Funeral Traditions

As you browse the many categories of urns for ashes  you will see we have made this website a user friendly experience for people looking for urns for ashes. In  choosing which products to carry, we believe the urns for ashes we have offer a variety that will suit most everyone’s wishes for what they want in urns for ashes. Much of our product line offers the possibility to have some personalization on the urns for ashes with engraving and symbols that would mean a lot to you. We at Lovelight Urns know how important it is to make this particular shopping experience with as little stress for our customers as possible. All of our urn categories can be found on our urns for human ashes page.

Our most popular urns for ashes are:

  • Burial Urns
  • Biodegradable Urns
  • Keepsake Urns 
  • Baby Urns
  • Pet Urns
  • Cremation Jewelry

We pride ourselves in having a large number of our urns for ashes made right here in the USA. We also have lovely urns for ashes that come from different countries where crafting materials, such as brass are their specialty and not normally manufactured in America.

When it comes time for a funeral, it is important that you can rest assured that the funeral home you choose, the company you purchase urns for ashes from and every other aspect of this process is handled effectively and properly. This is very important to us and we make it our first priority to have friendly and knowledgeable customer service and order expediting personnel there for you to give you peace of mind

Even though the history of urns for ashes goes back thousands of years, cremations were few and far between in the U.S. There was no place to buy urns for ashes but from a funeral home. That has changed and now you can find an array of urns for cremation ashes at low, discounted prices.

It’s important to understand a little about urns and what their different purposes are. Some urns for ashes are created to sit on a shelf and be a pleasing piece of art for your home. Some urns for ashes are meant to be temporary containers until they are scattered in a favorite or meaningful location while others are buried.

The Lovelight Urns website is simple to use which is great if you are shopping and don’t quite know what it is you want yet. We have everything from simple, traditional designs to urns that are quite unique and ornate all at discount prices.

Our special interest categories are:

Religious Urns                  Sports Urns                  Butterfly Urns                   Fishing Urns                    Candle Urns

Lighthouse Urns               Angel Urns                   Military Urns                     Pet Urns                          Extra Large Urns

Keepsake Urns for ashes hold a small portion of cremains or anything else small you would like to keep such as a locket of hair or other small item to keep in a special place. They are popular with families who don’t live near each other and would like a sample of the ashes for their own keeping. A popular choice is choosing keepsake urns that are exactly the same model as large urns for ashes, just smaller. This can give family members a feeling of togetherness when apart from each other.

Biodegradable urns for ashes are designed to break down and return back to the earth or sea in a somewhat short period of time.

Burial urns for ashes are made from biodegradable resistant materials that will not to break down quickly.

Cremation Vaults may be used to house any urn intended to be buried, protecting it from the elements.

Our lockets for ashes collection is a favorite of our customers. Purchasing a locket or bracelet that holds ashes can be made very personal by choosing from our large selection of very diversified urn jewelry.

Our selection of pet urns will allow you to find something special to place the ashes of your beloved pet that you can treasure forever. We not only have a great selection of pet urn for ashes that can be personalized, but we have pet cremation jewelry which is very popular with our customers and lets you have the comfort of always having your little furrbaby with you.

This is an emotional purchase that has been forced upon you that you most likely haven’t purchased before – especially online. For these reasons, you need a company that you can rely on to answer the questions you have.

The line of grave lights we carry are battery operated and shine as bright as a candle, much brighter than a solar cemetery light. They are priced well and have a great guarantee.

Whether you purchase, urns for ashes, urn jewelry, pet urns, grave lights etc. from Lovelight Urns you get our promise of Satisfaction Guaranteed on each urn you buy for a full year. This is why we are the best choice for your purchase of cremation and memorial products.

 Lovelight Urns sells only quality urns for ashes.