Colors That Help Us Cope with Grieving

Color Therapy and Grieving

When dealing with difficult life events there are many things people do to cope with the circumstances they are facing. Often, we turn to those we trust, religious and spiritual people appeal to God and others use a number of alternatives. A variety of things can be useful as a means of coping, which may be used separately or in combination with support and prayers, depending upon personal preferences and beliefs.

It has long been believed and proven that focusing on particular colors can help you achieve whatever you need at any particular time in your life. Color Therapy may affect and aid you when dealing with difficult issues, such as severe or terminal illness, or the death of a loved one. Scientific studies have shown that colors are beneficial in changing the way that we feel and think, how we act or behave, express ourselves and as a coping mechanism. This reaction occurs when our intent and focus on colors convey messages to the brain for the desired effect.

White is often thought to be the most versatile color, often used when we light candles for a loved one who is experiencing a severe illness or disease or succumbs to it, despite medical intervention. For example, you may place a white candle in a special place, such as next to a cremation urn. A white cremation urn adorned with a symbol or photo can help with loss while honoring your loved one. Though white is generally thought to be the most versatile for any purpose, consider other colors to provide different benefits, especially to overcome grief and loss.

Orange may ease depression and can change a sense of doom and gloom to one of inner peace and joy.

Yellow can lift your mood and put you in a more positive frame of mind.

Green can help you relax, and may bring about healing, whether it is for someone experiencing severe illness, to mend a broken heart, or following a death, leaving you with a sense of hope.

Blue can evoke a feeling of peacefulness and is helpful in communicating with the living or spirits, the latter which is something people used to commonly do at a grave site.

Purple is believed to be a spiritual color. It can aid in overcoming fear, to ask for help from higher powers, and can provide a greater sense of awareness of things seen and unseen.

Pink is often associated with pure love for someone, regardless of the type of relationship.

This gives you a few of the basics of what various colors symbolize, as well as what you might be able to use them to promote health and well-being, you can add these next techniques to you baseline of knowledge in a number of ways. Keeping a journal of your progress after focusing on a particular color can give you greater insight regarding colors that produce positive or unexpected effects. If results are desirable, you should highlight it so that you can recall it at a later date. If the result provokes a different result that what you needed or wanted, you can try to determine why this has occurred, and see if you can turn it into a beneficial one.

If you are choosing candles in colors for a specific purpose, you can search online for symbols to carve on them, along with the name of your loved one, together with birth and death dates. Purchasing a cremation urn in a specific or favorite color a loved one, and adding a symbol or photograph will honor that individual inspire happier remembrances. For example, a blue urn might along with a symbol or photo put directly on it be a good choice for someone who loved being on the water or may have had owned a house near a lake or the ocean. The sky is the limit, with regards to the myriad of ways in which colors can have a positive impact on us, the specific ways in which you can use them to increase our well being and to honor and memorialize our loved ones.

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