Cremation Jewelry for Men

A recent search of the most popular jewelry for men yielded some surprising and interesting trends. Items ranged from classic watches, rings, and cuff links to one-of-a-kind works of art and pendant urns.

According to Jacob B. Morris, in an article written for, 32 companies are at the top of the men’s jewelry and accessory trending list, while others not latex are up and coming.

The types of items offered in today’s market are as varied as the cost, whether they provide a function, make a statement, or provide comfort.  This article is a short review of what men have available, from functional classics to the completely unique.

It’s no surprise that men can still purchase classic watches, rings, and cuff links, especially if they want to wear them in professional settings, or for their functionality. However, today’s modern man has much more at his disposal, with jewelry and accessories that have a theme related to his interests, to reflect something about his personality or individuality, or even to make a statement.

There is an intriguing exponential interest in unique pieces created by artisans in the United States, as well as abroad. Men can find items related to almost any interest, inspired by rock and roll, nautical themes, things found in nature, or reflective of mythology, and mysticism, among others.

Men’s Jewelry items now range from the classical pieces already mentioned, to bracelets, pendants, and rings. Many of these are made using natural materials or precious metals and stones, with something out there for any taste.

The cost of these items seems to vary as much as the items themselves, but even a man with a very limited budget can find quite a number of items at the ready. 

Women no longer have to struggle so much to find a gift for a man of any age, with the boundless choices available in today’s market.  Men can find unique items as low as $10, up to pieces costing well over $1,000, depending on the company, the popularity of the artisan, or the materials used.

An even newer trend not included in Morris’ article is men’s cremation jewelry. According to the owners of, they have seen an increase in men inquiring about or purchasing men’s cremation jewelry than in previous years. Due to this influx, they are continually adding more items, such as urn pendants for men to their current inventory in order to accommodate this new interest.

Regardless of whether men are purchasing jewelry for themselves, or if people are searching for unique gifts, men’s jewelry is more diverse than ever before. Long gone, are the days when men had limited choices, or items such as watches and cuff links that were used as much for their functionality as their style.

Today, men can wear pieces hat are reflective of their interests, aspects of their personality, pieces that have themes, or to keep a part of heir loved ones close.

From the class is to the obscure, finding something interesting, intriguing, or that makes a statement is easier than ever. There are thousands of companies devoted to providing quality men’s jewelry sold in the United States, as well as abroad.

Let your personality shine, keep a small part of your loved ones close to your heart, and be bold! Your choices are endless!


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