Decorating Cremation Urns Yourself

Choosing a cremation urn is a very personal experience, and it can be stressful when selecting one while dealing with grief. Some people order them in advance, which are also referred to as a pre-need. Others may merely discuss what they might like, while many people still leave this task to their loved ones. It has long been possible to purchase urns with photographs or symbols on them which are meaningful or unique, and may remind us of our loved one. They can provide comfort or prompt fond memories of those who have passed away, especially when it is needed the most.

When someone is cremated, most times there is no headstone for memorializing the deceased. This can leave the loved ones of someone cremated with a sense of things unexpressed or a part of the ritual unfinished. Creating a personalized cremation yourself can replace those feelings with a joy of expressing your love in a happy way that helps with closure.

In order to maximize these positive associations and effects, you can further honor your loved one on an even deeper or more personal level by adding your own embellishments to those already on a cremation urn. If you choose to add anything to an urn, there are a few things to keep in mind before embarking on this process.

A few things you must understand is what art techniques you can use for the urn you choose; what the urn is made of and where the it will be placed once it is completed. You may have the most flexibility for decorating options when you purchase a metal or wooden urn that will be placed in a home or a mausoleum that houses them above ground. In these cases, you can virtually use any materials for the home and the type of urn that the Cemetery will approve.

When decorating a metal urn, it is suggested that you choose a plain unfinished metal urns. Aluminum is a good choice for the metal because it is inexpensive and is a blank canvas for you to create you personalized design. You may use paints to paint a design or flowers directly onto the urn. Once you’ve finished decorating, spray a clear coat of polyurethane on it to protect your artwork and add a nice shine to the urn.

You can also use decals of sports teams or a favorite car, for example. If you are using decals, you can choose any metal urn even urns that you purchase already painted. There is no need to clear coat the urn if you use decals.

If you are choosing a wood urn to decorate, there are many options for decorating techniques. You may décopage, use decals and painting the urn is always nice. One interesting technique people use for decorating wooden urns is wood burning directly into the urn. You can add a message, names and dates, hand drawn scrolls and other designs.

If the urn is going to be placed in the ground or used for a burial at sea, the urn should be biodegradable. All items should be non-toxic and must be made from materials that will safely degrade, not impacting the environment.

       Checklist to prepare for the project::

Check to see if an urn has been purchased as part of a pre-need package
    1. Determine what the urn is made of
    2. Consider where the urn will be placed
    3. Use non-toxic materials that are not harmful to others or the environment
    4. Choose among paints, appliques, photos, flowers, and other decorations
    Decorate using items that reflect the things that are meaningful to you or your loved one
    Allow this to provide comfort and fond memories that honor your loved one

      Decorating the urn can be a family affair, from the oldest in the family to the youngest of children. Everyone can add something to the urn to honor your loved one. It doesn’t have to look like it was created by a professional artist. This is a project of love. You are only limited by your own creativity and imagination to create something truly special and unique to pay a final respects to your loved one.


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