What is the Cost for Pet Cremation?

The Cost of Pet Cremation

When it comes to the passing of a beloved animal, it can be hard to deal with the consequences and the challenges that this brings. Instead of letting it get you down and leave you feeling horrible, though, it’s better to look forward and to make sure that your pet can receive a fitting send-off.
As hard as it may be to deal with and to put together, the pet cremation service is an important one for saying goodbye. It means that the animal can have a fair passing and this will let you relax and feel a little easier with regards to moving on.

However, the cost of pet cremation is something that you need to consider as there are various charges and costs that come up – not least pet urns. You will need something to store the ashes in so you need to think about getting a quality, fitting piece of equipment to put the ashes in so that your beloved pet can get the rest that it needs.

When looking at the various charges involved in pet cremation, you should try and consider all of the following as potential charges that may come up;

You’ll find that the cost of the actual service can be anything from $55-100 for smaller animals. Larger animals like a dog or a cat can be $100-$150 and pet cremation for larger dogs of 50-120+ pounds being anything from $150-$150.

However, the service should include a service that will be on-call and working to your needs and whims. They should be able to pick up the pet and take it to the cremation facility. Then, the pet will be specifically tagged and placed in a special kind of furnace.

You might also find, though, that the cost of pet cremation can include a charge of $45 when picking up the ashes. Also, you can usually pay an additional fee on top to get a chance to view the process take place if you would feel comfortable doing so.

An engraved name plate for your pet urns that you decide to get can cost you anything from $10-$25 depending on where you go.

Add all of this together, and you can find that the cost of pet cremation, pet urns and the services involved with holding a service – if you so choose – can be something to think about. However, if you ask around you enough and you work with a cremation service that is communal and the ashes are scattered on the site along with other animals, you can find that there is a change to get discounts of as much as 50%.

Look around and make your decision, as the costs can be quite challenging to work with if you do not expect to be paying much – the cost of pet cremation, however, is very fair and can be an excellent way to send your pet over the rainbow bridge..


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