Lockets for Ashes

Keep your beloved close to your heart with our lockets for ashes, cremation rings and cremation bracelets.

We have cremation jewelry that is designed for both women and men.

There are different ways through which we try to remember our loved ones after they leave their earthly existence. People whom we loved are always close to our hearts and it would be really tender and hear warming if we could keep them close to our hearts even after they have left us. Wearing lockets for ashes provides us with the opportunity to keep our loved ones close to our hearts.

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Silver Lockets for Ashes

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Photo Cremation Pendants

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Steel – Brass – Pewter Pendants

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Mens Cremation Jewelry

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Pet Cremation Jewelry

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Lockets for ashes are just like any other jewelry product; except that it has a small inner chamber within the locket. Normally the jewelry lockets are solid or possess a single designed layer but these lockets have an inner chamber which remains empty. Now you can fill this with the ashes of your beloved person after they pass away. Thus those that we are closest to – our family, our friends, and our pets – are never far from our hearts when they pass from our lives. Isn’t it a great way of remembering our beloved ones. People try different ways like using things and garments that have been used by the deceased person or keeping a well decorated photograph of their loved one in their house. But with lockets for ashes one can always stay in close contact with the person who passed away.

A locket hung around a strand or a chain generally is close to one’s heart. Thus you can always feel the presence of that person. You can always feel that he/she is around you; very close to your heart. Hence lockets for ashes or as they were called in the past, mourning jewelry bring memories to an even more personal level by holding a small portion of ashes. Whether you scatter your loved one’s ashes or live far from their final resting place, cremation jewelry is a great way to keep a small amount of the earthly remains close.
Now another striking feature of these pendants is that they come in different shapes, sizes and design. Suppose the person who left you was a great fan of football. Thus what you can do is take a football shaped pendant and fill it with the ashes of the deceased and wear it around your neck. Similarly you have different designs like a cross, a fish, a heart, a star, leaf, flower, angel, bird and what not. Whichever design you want you can have a locket of that design. This really makes lockets for ashes unique as compared to other ways of remembering the dead.

Whenever you purchase ash jewelry then you will find within the box a pendant of the design you wanted, a funnel, filling sticks, instructions as well as a black satin cording or matching chain. Those lovely pendants have been hollowed from within so that it can hold a pinch of the ash, a strand or whatever you want to store within it. Each interior compartment can be accessed by locating and undoing the threaded screw or by unscrewing the bail of the keepsake. You cannot simple fill these lockets for ashes manually; you need the proper funnel and the proper instructions to fill these lockets. Each pendant has different designs and hence each will have different techniques for filling it. Some might have small openings through which a funnel can be inserted and then the pendant can be filled with the ash. Some can be opened and the entire inner space can be accessed by the user.
After you have filled it with the remnants of the beloved you can hang it onto a corded strand or a matching chain whichever you like and wear it as a necklace. With the pendant hanging around your neck and always in sight; the beloved person also remains close to your heart.
At Lovelight Urns we even provide free ground shipping. We understand your grief. Death is never a moment of celebration and hence it is not possible for you to come across and choose a design for lockets for ashes. Thus we provide free shipping so that your ash locket reaches you quickly and you can start to wear it at the earliest. All our designs and crafted with quality and serviced to you with dedication. We try to create the connection between you and your beloved through our jewelry. Thus never think that anybody close to your heart is gone forever. The person’s earthly physical existence might be non-existent but the memories, the warmth that the person carried will always be with you in the form of lockets for ashes. Read more about cremation jewelry here.

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