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Rose Essence Cloissone Urn

Rose Essence Cloissone Urn

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Painted Metal Cremation Urn using Cloisonne Technique From the time of the Ancient Greeks, the rose has been synonymous with love, making the Rose Essence Cloisonne Urn the perfect way to give rest to someone whom you deeply loved. Beautifully crafted, this urn has a feminine rose pattern created with a traditional cloisonne technique that involves applying enamel to metal and then carefully painting the imagery upon it.

The roses are shown in varying tones of pink that come together to create a soft, serene and feminine effect. The brass accents lend richness to the design and highlight the beautiful shape of this classically styled cloisonne urn.

Dimensions: 9.4" x 7.0" x 7.0"

Capacity: 200 cubic inches (up to 210 pounds)

 Cloisonne Urn Rose Essence

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