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Lovelight Urns

Shell Biodegrable Urn Sand

Shell Biodegrable Urn Sand

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Dimensions:  16 in. W x 16 in. D x 6 in. H.

Capacity: 400 cubic inches (1 or 2 people totaling up to 400 pounds)

Handmade using a centuries-old paper-making technique(environmentally friendly - no trees are cut down to manufacture this product).

This biodegradable urn will float for approximately five minutes before descending gracefully. Once on the ocean floor, the urn will dissolve naturally over time. Includes a water-soluble plastic bag for cremated remains.

This very large capacity is good for one or 2 adults.

TSA-compliant case for airline carry on. Urn has ample room for personal notes, mementos or two sets of cremated remains.

Note: Each piece is hand painted and may vary slightly in appearance.

Shell Cremation Urn Sand

Biodegradable Shell Urn Sand

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