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Lovelight Urns

Shell Urn Necklace

Shell Urn Necklace

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Silver Shell Ashes Urn Necklace

Give your loved one a beautiful final resting place with the Shell Urn Necklace, a gorgeous sterling silver pendant necklace shaped like a scallop seashell. The scallop shell is a symbol of religious faith and strongly associated with the rite of baptism, making this urn necklace a wonderful alternative to a cross for those who prefer Christian-themed jewelry. It can also be used to memorialize anyone who loved the beach and the sea. Whatever its special meaning to you is, you are sure to love the remarkable texture and radiant polished finish of this stunning urn pendant jewelry design. Each individual pendant is shipped with a gift box and a 20" sterling silver chain. 9/16" x 3/4"
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